International Women's Day 24'

April 10, 2024
In Conversation
International Women's Day 24'

IWD 24' - A Genuine Showcase of Collaboration, Support, and Giving back

South Yarra, Melbourne [08 | 03 |24]

Amidst the vibrant celebration of International Women's Day, Beverly, and luxury retailer The New Trend have collaborated on an intimate brunch emblematic of solidarity, compassion, and philanthropy. The Day was curated with an holistic approach that extended beyond the morning Brunch and panel discussion with the support of Perrier Jouët and Malfy Gin. This unique initiative not only brought together influential women but also served as a platform to foster genuine connections while extending support to the Women’s & Girls Emergency Centre charity.

The day commenced with an intimate brunch and panel discussion meticulously curated to encapsulate authenticity, vulnerability, and shared experiences. Welcoming female luminaries from diverse backgrounds including media, prominent figures, and pioneering women in business, the event emphasised authenticity, meaningful dialogue, and amplification of female leadership. Aligned with unwavering commitment of both entities to philanthropy, the occasion aimed to inspire community engagement and advocacy for impactful causes.

The panel discussion, facilitated by Arielle Thomas, the force behind Process the Podcast, delved into the pursuit of effortlessness across various facets of life, championing self-appreciation and the recognition of women's achievements.
Featuring Emily Gurr, Entrepreneur and Creative Director of Beverly, Vanessa Spencer, Brand Director at The New Trend, and Sally Crinis, Founder of STELLA & CO + BOX-IE, the panel explored the nuanced dimensions of female leadership, embracing traits such as softness, compassion, intellect, and empowerment. The conversation centred on the pursuit of effortlessness in diverse spheres including business, motherhood, and home, emphasising the importance of acknowledging and accepting the inherent challenges that accompany everyday responsibilities. Empowering women, the conversation advocated for self-recognition and appreciation of their accomplishments.

Emily Gurr, Creative Director of Beverly, encapsulated the essence of their commitment, stating, "At our core, we prioritise mindful curation, quality, innovation, and community connection. No bricks and mortar, just the power of conversation to cultivate communities with valuable meaning for human connection. Our collaboration with The New Trend,Perrier Jouët, and others underscores our dedication to fostering genuine, enduring, and meaningful partnerships. Together, we acknowledge the profound social impact of hospitality, lifestyle, and fashion in shaping contemporary culture”.

The event offered a hand-crafted farm-to-table shared brunch menu by Beverly's head Chef, David Ball, complemented by bespoke cocktails from partners Perrier Jouët and Malfy Gin. Guests immersed themselves in engaging conversations, celebrating the spirit of female autonomy, vulnerability, and resilience.

Beyond the brunch, Beverly, Perrier Jouët, and Malfy Gin, continued the initiative with a holistic approach. Encouraging support from all genders, the evening honoured inspiring female leaders and contributed to the community through a special collaboration package.

Booking the exclusive Chef's selection package not only promised a handcrafted 3-course meal and a complimentary 'French 75' cocktail but also facilitated a meaningful contribution to a greater cause. For every person booking the special $125 menu, Beverly Rooftop pledged to donate $20 to the Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre (WAGEC), supporting those affected by homelessness and gender-based violence.

Thanks to Beverly’s partners (Perrier Jouët, The NewTrend and Malfy Gin), community, and collaborators, we are thrilled to announce a successful fundraising effort of $3,000 for WAGEC. As a proud partner with full authority, Beverly ensures transparent and legitimate fund allocation directly to those in need.

In a rapidly evolving society, cultivating authenticity, fostering connections, and promoting mindfulness are invaluable skills. Beverly Rooftop and The New Trend extends gratitude to all attendees for embracing authenticity, fostering celebrating, and fostering mutual encouragement, thereby contributing to authentic community-building and consistent brand value growth.

Thank-you to our community, partners and collaborators for your support. A special thank-you to WAGEC and all they do for supporting those affected by homelessness and gender-based violence.